I was lucky enough to attend an incredible wedding on New Year's Eve.  Mine.  I have to tell you though,  I am notoriously not a big fan of where the whole wedding thing has gone.  It seems like you have to spend a hundred thousand dollars these days to even have a simple affair.  I have said many times that I think its silly for  a young couple to spend a small fortune on one day.  Especially when there are so many things more important to a marriage that they could use that money for.  But I am also aware of how important that "one day" is.  And I know that every little girl dreams of a perfect wedding, and everybody would love to have a celebration that not only THEY would remember always, but everyone who was in attendance would remember as well.  Well now for you , I have the answer.   Friends.

When it came time for me to get married, I didn't really think about cost or location or dinner packages,  I knew right away the event had to involve a few of my friends.  Angelo and Matt Mazzone,  Bobby Mallozzi, and Richie Phillips.  I knew they all had great reputations for their roles in weddings but to be honest had not experienced any of them in action in said roles.  I just knew they  were all good people, warm hearted , giving and talented.  In other words,  Friends.   That's always good enough for me.

Now it could have went either way but as it turns out I used the Mazzone Family for the Rehearsal Dinner, and The Mallozzi Family for the wedding.  I don't even  think that I could put into words how amazing these both were.  I can tell you however, that EVERYONE in attendance of both events can not stop raving to me about the food, service and ambiance. I really do think people think we spent a small fortune on these events, we did not.  And your thinking well, they are friends, you got a "special" deal.  Well perhaps a small discount or extra here and there, but nothing that I think you couldn't get yourself in the same price range.  Just tell them you want "The McMaster Package". Hmmmm, OK maybe you could just say , "I want what Sean had".

I could go on and on about the food, the attentiveness of every staff member, the attention to detail and overall quality of both of these important evenings but I honestly am not sure you'd even believe me. I can only hope that some of the people who were there would comment on this article and mention some of the things they enjoyed.  I think it would mean a lot more coming from the guests.

I think the last thing that made the evening incredible was Richie Phillips.  Somehow Richie went from just being a guest at the wedding to doing the music for the ceremony, and DJ for the reception.  I told him this that night.  "  You know Richie, I didn't want for you to have to work at my wedding and I felt bad that it somehow became this way but I don't feel bad anymore.  No one could have done a better, more professional yet entertaining job!"  I  was very impressed!

So there you have it.  If you want to have an incredible wedding that people will rave about for years to come.  If you want it to seem like you spent WAY more than you really did. ( No matter how big or small your budget)  Try to involve Richie Phillips at,  www.rhyminrichie.com,  The Mallozzi Family a  www.mallozzis.com  and The Mazzone Family at  www.onereputation.com.   You will not be sorry.

This is my way of helping you to have as good of an event that I had.  And my way to thank these wonderful friends for their love and contributions to a time Andrea and I will not ever forget.

Again,  if you were there, please feel free to comment about any or all of aforementioned wedding service providers.

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