This Saturday, my nephew Alex will graduate from Clarkson University. We are all so proud of him, I just don't know how much is enough to give him for his gift. 

I know he is graduating from college and he is my godson, but how much is enough and how much is too much? I spoke with other friends over the weekend and they were having the same dilemma. One woman was going to a college graduation party for a kid she used to babysit for and she is still close to the family. We discussed that $50 was enough.

High school graduation is one thing, and I realize I need to raise the gift for college because that is a major accomplishment. Plus we all know that graduating college students need money. They don't need some picture frame or senseless gift.

A family member may be different too. This is a child I held as a baby, I am and always will be his Aunt. I know that money seems like a cold gift. But I also know that is what he needs right now in his life. He knows I am always here for him regardless of how much I give him.

What are your gifting standards for graduation? Do you raise the amount if it's a family member or close friend's child? Please help.


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