This past weekend brought our first big snowfall of the season to the Capital Region. How much did we get?

Maybe like me when you first woke up yesterday morning you were a little disappointed in how much snow fell! But after a morning lull, the flakes kept flying and Winter Storm Ember did end up bringing the first big chunk of snow for the season.

It ended up being a manageable amount to make cleanup somewhat easy, but enough to head out and enjoy the splendor of the season - my kids and I got some long overdue snow tubing in!

We may not have much more time to enjoy this fresh blanket of snow with heavy rain on the way mid-week Tuesday into Wednesday, according to News Channel 13. Combined with the snowmelt this storm could bring potential flooding.

Capital Region Snowfall Totals

While we fell short of the higher end of the higher elevation snowfall predictions for this one, we ended up right in the wheelhouse of News Channel 13's prediction of 5 to 8 inches for the greater Albany area.

Here is where we ended up in several communities from all over the Capital Region according to the National Weather Service.

Capital Region Snowfall Totals January 7, 2024

Winter Storm Ember brought our first real snowfall of the season to the Capital Region in Upstate New York from Saturday, January 6th into Sunday, January 7th. Here are snowfall totals from around the region from the National Weather Service and National Weather Service spotters.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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In Upstate New York, you can never feel fully secure that snow is completely done until late spring. While we usually do not see a ton of snow in April, it is not unheard of. And if history tells us anything, a big April snowstorm is always possible. We have had a few April doozies over the years, and here are the top 10 April snowfalls on record in Albany according to the National Weather Service.

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Albany's Top 10 Snowiest Winters Of All Time [RANKED]

Another Upstate New York winter is upon us. And while it is popular for forecasters to predict a cold and snowy winter ahead, how much snow would it actually take to make it an all-time winter when it comes to big a big snowfall total for the season? In the average winter, the National Weather Service (NWS_ says we get 59.2 inches of snow in Albany. We will have to crush that number this winter for the season ahead to make this NWS top 10 list of our snowiest Albany winters on record.

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