A new survey says that 41% of people don't like how they look in most pictures.  And, what's worse, they even feel bad about themselves after they see photos that other people took of them.

Remember when photos were taken with a real camera and you only got one chance, maybe 2, and you had to wait for the pictures to come back from getting developed.  Well, it's not like that anymore.  You can take an infinite number of pictures with your phone, delete the ones you don't like, throw a filter on the ones you do, and make sure that the world only sees photos of you looking your best.

The survey also shows that women take an average of six selfies before they have one that's good enough to post.  Dudes, you're not immune to this!  Men take an average of four before they find one acceptable.

I'm guilty!  I can't imagine how celebs do it - they look good in all of their photos!  Are they lucky, or just really, really hot?

How many selfies do you take before you find a good one?


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