I realize that the wellness and holistic movement is the "it" thing, but Jenn keeps taking it to the next level. I am all about eating healthy and putting healthy things in our bodies to live better and longer. But I feel like this time she went too far.

When I got home the other day, on the bathroom counter was this note and instructions on how to use this homemade charcoal toothpaste. 

charcoal toothpaste

Now you may not know that I have dentists in my family. So right off the bat, I questioned the purchase of this "whitening" remedy. Also I have bleaching trays in the cabinet. But I don't want to discourage Jenn from trying to improve our lives.

We have all of the essential oils, the diffusers (4 of them to be exact) and oils to rub on our feet and wrists to keep us as healthy as possible.

Hey I will give everything a chance. Who knows, maybe my teeth will be bright white in just a few brushes.

I started using it, it tastes gross, but in about 7 days I will let you know if it worked!

Which holistic things have you purchased lately and are they working for you?

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