If you came to Countryfest 2018 a few weeks ago, you were treated to one heckuva show highlighted by a simply 'pitch perfect' performance by superstars in the making Dan + Shay.  Their chart-topping smash Tequila has taken them places they may have never dreamed imaginable and they deserve every bit of success they're enjoying now.  We caught up with them before they took the stage at Countryfest and they were fun as heck to talk to.  The guys are tireless workers with an obsessive drive for perfection on and off the stage as we learned in this interview when Dan reveals just how much of his heart and soul he poured into their chart-topping smash Tequila.  We also had some really hilarious moments of levity as they discussed hair, their playful - yet very passive agressive - relationship with their idols Rascal Flatts, and a Freudian slip up by Dan about hot dogs that you need to hear for yourself!

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