When anything from my childhood comes back around and gets remade, there is a very good chance that I'm going to be the most excited person on the planet.

Okay, maybe not on the planet, but potentially in the Capital Region. For example, when my favorite cartoon cat, Garfield all of a sudden had his own live action movie, I not only went to one of the first showings but it was also on my birthday (double whammy!) Pretty much the same story for the Smurfs movie, except then I collected all of the toys that went along with it, too.

I have no excuse for the Minions movie because I was 30 by then. I guess it's just the kid in me that loves those darn little guys.

Nonetheless, here we are in 2016, about 30 years after the orignal debut of Hi-C's Ecto Cooler and could it be? They're re-releasing it?! The story behind the original Ecto is that it was originally a promotional tie-in with the 1987 hit film, maybe you've heard of it, Ghostbusters??? Well, now that they're re-making the movie and the release it happening soon, so is a familiar promotional tie-in! That's right, it'll hit shelves on May 30th for the first time since 1991!

May I suggest you pull out your plastic Rainbow Brite lunchbox, Oscar Meyer lunchable and enjoy an ice cold Hi-C Ecto Cooler with me?

Ghostbusters will be released July 15th to theaters.

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