I myself am very fascinated about what is underneath the plaza, very few people have seen this. Now you can.

Just like most houses and buildings in general the Empire State Plaza has a basement. You would tend to think well isn't their basement the concourse? Nope. Below that sits even more!! I myself wasn't alive to see the construction of the plaza which took place between 1965 and 1976. You have to think if it took 11 years too complete it must be far more complex than just what you see and indeed it is.

So much is needed to make Albany's brightest feature run day to day. The Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant provides heat for the entire complex and below the concourse is a maze of pipes carrying steam to its destination which may not seem all too glorious. But when you see the video that is linked below it is so cool. Maybe it seems more scary than cool. I will never be caught dead there at night and alone. A bunch of photos can also be seen at the link below as well.


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