If you were at the Kane Brown show on Friday, then you know how many people were in the Times Union Center. What you may not know is that amazing bit of kindness that went on. You can help reunite the families.

After the Kane Brown show on Friday, I came home to answer a ton of messages that we got through the GNA app. We got messages from people telling us their favorite parts of the show, where they were sitting for upgrades (silly), but one message stood out in particular.

Jaime in Glenville messaged us asking for help. She wanted to point out an amazing couple who she and her nephew came in contact with at the Kane Brown show. She said that she went to the show with her Autistic nephew who was so excited to see Kane Brown that he kept running up and down the aisle.

When most could've been annoyed or would've asked him to stop, one couple did something incredible. They not only gave up their own spot to allow Jaime to be near her nephew but also helped control the crowd so that she could stay close to him. In her words, "You invested yourself in the moment, in a moment with total strangers. It became your mission to become a second set of eyes watching over him and trying to help him get closer and closer to Kane. You gave me a high five and genuinely smiled when my nephew finally got a very close spot to Kane and my heart melted with gratitude. You guys are what everyone should be like. The world needs more people like you."

This is a picture of Jaime's nephew. If you recognize him or may know the couple that helped Jaime and her nephew, please contact us so we can connect them!

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