Mother nature is an amazing, and at times, a scary thing.

The heavy rainfall over the last week has really been doing a number on the North East. I have seen and experienced first hand the damage these crazy flash floods we have been having can do here in the Capital Region and so far that is nothing compared to the sinkholes and massive flooding I have seen going on just a little south in PA.

The quick and continuous rains are getting so crazy that some of the area waterfalls have started over flowing! Pushing tons of water at just a rapid rate that it if we get much more they might just take out some roads in it's wake.

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Check out this video of Montour Falls near Watkins Glen looking like it is basically overflowing. These are some brave souls getting close enough to take this video. Although the intensity of the falls can be super frightening it's also kind of majestic at the same time.

**Disclaimer** there are a few unsavory words in this video just so you are aware.

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