Whenever we are in the car and there is a person holding up a sign at the intersection or in the street, Ryan always wants to stop and help.

He first says, “Get closer and read the sign, let’s give them something to help them out.” As we get closer he gets excited to find out what the sign says. Sometimes they read that they need food, other times just a homeless sign. No matter what the sign says, he will look at us and say that we need to give them something because we can. I don’t know where this level of compassion comes from. I hope that it is something that we are instilling in him. I am not sure. I do talk with him about people not always being able to eat or have a place to live. It never fails, though, every single person we see.

Saturday we were getting off the Northway and way up ahead he saw a man, well before we did, and he said to get closer so we can see what he needs. I actually got into the left lane but was 4 cars back at the red light. He made me give the man money even though I had to slow down during the green light to hand him the money. I got a few nasty looks and a couple of beeps, but his proud face made it worth it.

I guess sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the world through the eyes of a five year old to really appreciate what you have. He is an amazing little man.

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