We know that superstars are busy and while we hope it's them actually tweeting out messages to their fans, you have to wonder sometimes if it is "their people" doing it instead (I think Blake Shelton tweets his own stuff, because it's completely irreverent and hilarious but I could be wrong).

I recently stumbled onto Keith Urban's "Urban Chat" on YouTube and they look like they are filmed by Keith Urban himself and they are just short little videos where he talks to the fans and gives out little updates. The first one I saw is below. It's his update from Jazz Fest in Louisiana and it looks like he got stuck in a rain storm!

He also did a short video from behind the scenes at the ACM Awards before he and Eric Church performed (you can hear Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton talking in the background).

And just for good measure, here is one he did where it looks like he is shirtless... :)