Heather Davis

Ultimate Movie Call
If you love movies, you will love this ultimate movie phone call conversation! See if you can name all the movies in order before you look below the video. I have them all listed for you!
Here are the movies in order of appearance:
Burn After Reading
The Matrix
Die Hard With A Vengeance
What's All Over This Map?
Let me start by saying that I have no connection to these but it sounds like a really neat idea. The website is: www.deaddrops.com and it's a new way for people to drop information for other people to access without being online. You simply bring your laptop to the location and plug in the USB …
Sassy Pants Explains Weddings
When I was a little kid, I thought my parents were the smartest people in the world, but not this little girl! This little sassy pants is trying to explain weddings to her dad... She isn't getting through.
80's Found Footage
You never know what you will find at a garage sale or thrift store. Someone decided to make video montages from videos they found and this one is hysterical. It features a young Denise Richards and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as well as a headshot of the late Tom Bosley...
New Boyfriend Mixtapes
I've been cleaning up stuff at my house because I'm moving soon and I came across a box of mixtapes. Remember mixtapes? Especially the ones you used to get from boyfriends or girlfriends? (Side note- I still have a mixtape from an ex-boyfriend because my mom said if I threw anything away from an ex …
Wedding Cake Prank
I know a couple of friends of mine that would probably have killed their husbands if they decided to pull this prank on their wedding day. This groom decided to test his brand new marriage to his wife by getting two waiters to drop the wedding cake in front of the bride...
8 Bit "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
There are a bunch of movies that if I see them on television, I will stop and watch them until almost the end. I sat and watched 'Sixteen Candles' until almost midnight last night, I have a problem I know!
Someone decided to give the 8 bit treatment to one of my favorite guilty pleasure mov…
Sam talks Miranda and Dating!
When it comes to videos/news on TMZ I'm usually pretty suspect about whether it's true or not but this is real video of Sam Hunt in an airport so I'm pretty sure it is real. He was just added to Kenny Chesney's tour next year with Miranda Lambert and Old Dominion and the camera p…
Lady A Overload
Since Lady Antebellum is "taking some time off for their fans to miss them," I decided to give you a little Lady A overload to get you through.
Hotel Room Cleanliness
I have been making fun of my mom for a while now because she brings anti-bacterial wipes and flip flops when she stays in a hotel, but after watching this I think she may have the right idea!
Amazing Mac & Cheese
I am a huge fan of macaroni and cheese but I have been trying to eat a little healthier lately. I decided to look up my favorite foods to see if there were "healthier versions out there. The crazy thing about this mac and cheese is that there is no cheese...

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