The breakfast cereal Cheerios has been around since 1951, and believe it or not, there’s even a celebration of Cheerios. Buffalo, New York has a “Citybration,” an annual four day event which shows off the assets of the western New York city.  The event just ended on June 26. One of the events is a free bowl of Cheerios on Sunday morning. They celebrated with that because Cheerios is made by General Mills in Buffalo. Something they’re proud of. It seems like it’s almost more of something to celebrate than Buffalo wings. The Buffalo chicken wing was created in 1964.

Claiming to be one of the healthiest foods, I think we’ve all had Cheerios in our lives, from little kids, right through senior citizens. If you have children, I’ll bet you put some Cheerios in a plastic sandwich bag, or a container, as a snack.

Check out this classic  Cheerios tv commercial:


One of my favorites, besides having it in a bowl with milk, is to cut up banana mixed into the cereal. However you like your Cheerios, it’s something that’s been a part of our lives one way or another. According to a story from A.P., Cheerios is still one of the best selling breakfast cereals of all time. What is your favorite cereal?

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