Is there anything worse in life than when you are enjoying a bowl of Lucky Charms and then all of the sudden you're stuck with just five non-marshmallow pieces at the end floating all alone in the milk and you realize how terrible that bite is gonna taste without that sweet-slimy-sugary compliment.

Ok, so maybe there are a couple of things worse... like childbirth, or kidney stones.... but other than that, no.

Never fear!!!

Medley Hills Farms is selling one-pound bags of Charms Cereal Marshmallows on Amazon for just $10.01. The colorful, dehydrated marshmallows are very similar to those tasty marshmallows inside of every box of Lucky Charms.

So order them right now and never suffer the pain of trying to equally divide your marshmallows and grains!  (You know it's not gonna work anyway!)

P.S. - You can always use these little suckers on top of ice cream, or in hot chocolate if you want to!

Marshmallow Lucky Charms
General Mills


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