A new eatery is getting ready to set up shop in Stuyvesant Plaza.

The tough news during the pandemic is that during this difficult time many businesses have closed up shop. Provence Restaurant & Bar never reopened during the pandemic, but according to the Times Union, a new restaurant is preparing to open in its place in Stuyvesant Plaza.

The Time Union says Josie's Table will be a "farm to table restaurant" featuring locally sourced ingredients. They do not have an exact opening date set but Josie's should be opening sometime in the months ahead.

Farm to Table is a great restaurant format for so many reasons. First, because ingredients are locally sourced, you are getting the freshest meal possible. Second, locally sourced also means they are supporting local farmers and more. This type of local investment is huge, especially during this pandemic. Finally, because ingredients change over the seasons, so will the menu. So I would imagine Josie's will feature a wide variety of evolving meal options over the course of a year to please any palate.

So, it looks like you will have another great restaurant to check out at Stuyvesant Plaza in the near future. It is certainly good to be a foodee living in Guilderland!

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