There are two kinds of people who decorate for Halloween: one kind who casually puts up some spider webs and the other who decorate their houses like the Pitkins.

The Beatles still have an impact over 50 years later and that's proven by how quick the photo of the Pitkin residence has gone viral. The picture, by Jeff Pitkin of his house on 815 Via Marchella in Guilderland, grabbed a lot of attention after his posted it on Facebook over the weekend.

The original photo that got everyone's attention was the display of the iconic Beatles photo crossing Abbey Road, but in this case The Beatles look a little less...lively. The Pitkins took the scene and recreated it with skeletons, even down to the Paul McCartney skeleton being barefoot!

According to a post on Facebook, it took them about half a day to put together because those aren't the only decorations they have up! He said, "We have many other regular decorations that take us several days/weeks to put up. Reaction to the tribute from neighbor parents has been good...most of the young kids don’t understand what it is."

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