Things go bump in the night and in the day sometimes according to the current and previous governors of New York. In an interview with the AP last Thursday, Governor Cuomo admitted that he believes there may be ghosts in his Albany residence.Governor Cuomo said, "Now, I don't believe in ghosts and I'm a big tough Italian guy, but I'll tell you — it gets creepy in that house and there're a lot of noises that go on, and you are very alone." Although the current governor spends most of his time in Westchester, he feels an eerie presence in the Albany mansion whenever he stays.

Former Governor Patterson who stayed in the mansion before Cuomo does believe that the mansion is haunted.  Paterson told the New York Post that he heard the sound of a vase breaking and staff told him that was caused by the spirit of the buildings original groundskeeper. He added that his 5 year old nephew told him that a hand guided him around the mansion when he visited. But Patterson added that Governor Cuomo should not fear, the ghosts are all friendly.

Do you believe in ghosts? Is there a presence in your house or business?

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