After a Ballston Spa boy had his lemonade stand shut down by the Department of Health, Governor Cuomo is stepping in to get him back in business.

According to a Times Union report on what the paper has dubbed 'lemonadgate,' the Governor has offered to pay any fees necessary so 7-year-old Brendan Mulvaney can get his lemonade stand back up and running. He was shut down by the New York State Department of Health after  '...vendors at the nearby Saratoga County Fair complained that he appeared to be running a professional operation that competed with their stands,' says the Times Union. The agency eventually apologized for shutting the stand down, but told the Times Union he would need a permit to reopen. And that is where the Governor stepped in to help out.

First, kudos to everyone for trying to get this reolved. Ultimately, a 7 year old kid should not have this much red tape to open a lemonade stand, right? But can you believe there is this much red tape to open a lemonade stand???

Maybe this is a law the Governor should work on striking from the law books!



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