In another effort to control population density, the number of people who can now work in a single space is being cut in half.

Governor Cuomo announced New York state's latest density control measure earlier today, according to a WNYT report.  All businesses in the state can only have up to 50% of their workforce leave home. The new measure only applies to non-essential operations.

It is no surprise that this measure was going to become an official one as it seems most of our workforce has already started staying home. And let's be honest,w with fewer people we have going to work, we reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Hopefully, all the measures that are being put into place and the general public staying home when at all possible will be the extent of the measures that need to be taken to get through the coronavirus pandemic here in New York.

So stay put, relax and we should get through this thing sooner than later.


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