During his daily press conference today Governor Cuomo addressed the possibility of another shutdown.

According to a Times Union story, in his daily press conference today Governor Cuomo said another shutdown could be imminent if COVID-19 infections don't settle down.  Hospitals getting overwhelmed is a growing concern and Cuomo said it is key to take measures to reduce the spread of the virus before hospitals become overcrowded.

So how will this possibly affect us here in the Capital Region? The one ray of good news here is a shutdown may not affect the whole state at once since the virus is now being monitored by zones. New York's  micro-cluster strategy monitors different zones of virus hotspots in the state, and applies guidelines based on the virus rates in the yellow, orange and most serious red zone. As of right now no area of the Capital Region has any zone designation, but that could change if the infection rate does not slow down.

I made the off hand comment yesterday that maybe the impending snowstorm this week will have great timing to help us out here. Everyone staying home, even it's just for a day or too, has to be able to help somewhat, right? The virus can't spread when folks are laying low. The last thing anyone wants here in the Capital Region, or anywhere for that matter, is another shutdown. Lets hope 2 days at home in this storm gives us at least a little bit of a swing in the right direction.

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