If you are ready for  break after homeschooling your kids the last few months, this is wonderful news.

Yes, that sound you hear across the Capital Region today is a collective sigh of relief from parents after Governor Cuomo announced today summer day camps can open June 29th, according to CBS 6.

Now this is great news for parents who have been trying to keep their kids learning and entertained at home for the last few months. It is not an easy task and it is one that will try your patience on a daily basis. Without the break in the day where kids go to school, each day turns into an endurance marathon for parents trying to keep up. (God bless my wife Stacy who has been running this marathon with our 2 kiddos!) So start researching those summer day camps, and get ready for a little break from all the hard work you have been doing keeping it all together for your kids at home.

And one more thought: how much has your respect for teachers grown over the last few months? Now we know why they need their summer's off, am I right?

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