I go back and forth between believing things I hear about ghosts, mediums, and the unknown and not believing them at all. There's a picture going around from Google Maps though that is pretty convincing!

Paranormal hunters are using a picture someone found on Google Maps as evidence that ghosts are among us. Google Maps captured the image in the town of Delicias in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

It looks like it's a picture of a young blonde child that has a doll-like face, Express is reporting. It's like she's unnaturally pale and staring into my soul. The Daily Star has tried to debunk the image saying that it's most likely "a doll or a poster pinned to the door in front of the red car." I don't deny that that's probably what the picture is of but either way, the image is creeps me out looking at it - whatever it is!

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