On Tuesday morning, a call came into the GNA studio from a woman named Margaret from Schoharie County. She was with some family members - gathered bedside around their passing father - a man in his 70's they call Big G.  She told us that Big G, a Navy veteran and truck driver for 43 years, was on hospice and didn't have much time. She had one little request for us and we obliged without hesitation. What came next - thanks to you GNA Nation - was simply amazing.

Margaret's request was to have truckers on I-88 near exit 18 to lay on their horns for Big G.  We asked her if he would hear these sounds and she told us that without a doubt that he would. We immediately went on the air with it, not knowing what the response would be.

On Friday morning, we heard back from Margaret who informed us that Big G passed away peacefully on Wednesday to the sounds of hundreds of truck drivers blowing horns as they passed though the exit. She was incredibly grateful for the final moments that the family was able to share with the man known as Big G.

Well into the night on Wednesday - and last night too - she told us that while she was reflecting about dad, sitting on the porch with family members, the sounds of truckers blowing their horns still filled the air. A perfect salute to a man that most may not have known, but honored as if they did.

Thank you GNA Nation.


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