You hear it every year, for parents to look through Halloween candy. Though it's always good to be careful of candy taken from strangers, I've never heard of anything actually being found - until now.

Justin Harris was looking through his stepson's Halloween candy when he found a small pill, according to the Post Star. The pill was small, white, and said "U36" on it which meant it was Tylenol with codeine. Trying to backtrack through all of the houses, he was hoping this wasn't something deliberately put in the child's bag.

Harris posted about the pill on Facebook but people online accused him of faking the whole thing. After the harassment, they decided to throw the pill out in the toilet. He even admitted that at one point the child dropped his bucket and could've picked it up at that point. The pill looked just like something from a pack of Smarties and could've been on the ground or even accidentally dropped in the bucket. The family hasn't reported it officially but just wanted to make families aware of what could possibly happen on Halloween and to continually be extra careful when it comes to children and their candy.

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