This is definitely a new one!  Can't say I've ever heard of this before, have you? 

According to, if you spend the nite at the Union Street Guest House in Hudson and you complain by writing a bad review on, say YELP (the hotel booking site), the venue, right in their policy has the right to slap a $500 fine on ya!  Not only YOU can be fined, but others in your party i.e. a wedding party can be fined as well1

Now the good news is that if you remove your nasty comments, you get the money back.

Is this legal?  I guess it was also covered on Fox news, so let's see their analysis.

I guess they mentioned that the management said that they did this as a joke, but as you could tell by the moderators' reactions, they were doubtful.

I guess the moral of the story is that you have to read everything that you sign these days.  Who would think that you signed an agreement like that just by putting your name on a hotel contract!

What are your thoughts?  Would love to know (but don't criticize this blog, or I'll fine ya!