To encourage blood donations, the American Red Cross is getting creative with a great incentive. There is always an increasing need for blood donation in the summer months. The Red Cross has teamed up with Stewart's Shops to promote, "Give A Pint, Get A Pint." So every time you donate a pint of blood, you will receive a voucher for a pint of Stewart's ice cream.

It is so important to keep blood supplies at a high level especially with demand increasing in the summer.. If you are nervous about donating, don't be. The Red Cross says there are just a few health and history questions that takes just a few minutes. Then the process of giving blood is about eight to ten minutes. The entire process takes a little less than an hour with snacks provided.

Just think of all of the lives you can save and all the people in the Capital Region you can help. One pint of blood can save up to three people's lives. Not a bad deal when you think about it, after all, you get some delicious Stewart's ice cream in return.

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