Gilbert Gottfried has been the abrasive voice of the duck in numerous Aflac commercials since 2000. Richie Phillips heard about this and he posted a story on the WGNA website about how it made him mad. Well Richie's not the only one who got mad over his tasteless jokes on Twitter about the Japan earthquake. The powers that be at Aflac Inc. are also mad.

Gilbert Gottfried Comedy Central Roast Of David Hasselhoff - Arrivals

So mad that they fired him. From a statement posted on AP, it was stated that "Gottfried's jokes do not represent the feelings of the company, which previously announced it would donate 100 million yen ($1.2 million) to the International Red Cross to help with disaster assistance." You can also make a donation to the International Red Cross, too.

I agree with Richie, who said "Sorry Gil–NOT FUNNY!!!" This is just something not to joke about. There are so many people that my heart goes out to at this time of their misery. I don't know if it made me mad, or just don't understand how someone could even think about joking about this devastating situation.

How did the thought Gilbert Gottfried's insensitive Tweets make you feel? Comment away below.

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