The New York Giants and Jets announced on Twitter today they will not have fans at games until further notice.

Different teams in the NFL have been taking different approaches to having fans in the stands to start the season. Both of New York's NFL teams announced today they will not have fans. Both teams announced they would be adhering to the New Jersey state guidelines limiting public gatherings to protect everyone involved with this season's games. Fans will not be permitted at training camps either.

If you were hoping to head for MetLife stadium this fall for some football, this is certainly a bummer. But I do seem some hope in this press release with the words "until further notice." That to me means the door is left open for this policy to maybe be adjusted as the pandemic hopefully improves and allows the fans to safely attend games. Lets keep our fingers crossed this happens.

But bottom line, lets hope at the very least the players stay healthy and we get a full slate of games for the upcoming season.

Here is the full press release:

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