After a few scheduling conflicts (and a cancelled appointment by their service department a few months ago) I finally brought my 2105 Jeep Wrangler into a local car dealership to have a few minor issues looked at.  I guess I've been fortunate over the years, because at age 44, I finally experienced first hand what it's like to be taken for a ride at a car dealership and it sucked.

I'll spare you the details on what work needed to be done, but it had to do with a plastic license plate frame and my radio/GPS. Also, because I truly believe the dealership is going to make good on their err, I'll spare the name of the place as well, for now. I will say that it's a place that sells and services a lot of Jeeps.

With that being said here's what I was told by the service advisor:

  •  The radio/GPS: The radio was no longer under warranty (it ran out on December 6th) and it would need to be replaced in order to unlock the GPS maps. Estimated $700 for a radio replacement.
  • Plastic license plate frame: Due to strucural damage to my Jeep, additional parts would be required to insure that the plate frame would fit properly.  Parts and labor was estimated at $455.
  • $1,155 worth of work and repairs

Mind you I was dealing with the "service advisor" so in this case he was basically just the messenger, but something didn't add up.  First off, I knew my vehicle was under 36,000 miles but didn't realize that as of December 6, the warranty ran out.  Makes me wonder if they cancelled my appointment a few months ago knowing full well that I may not bring it back untill after the warranty had expired.  Anyways, I reminded him that it was THEM who cancelled on me (saying they don't have the proper techs on duty to look at it) and that if they took care of it when I originally brought it in, it would have been warranteed. He looked at me, nodded his head in agreement, and told me he would talk to the service manager.  The gentleman came back :60 seconds later and told that they would be replacing the radio for free.

Now, onto the license plate frame. I asked the advisor to show me the "structural damage" to my vehicle that disallows a new license plate frame to fit properly.  He walked with me to my Jeep, and pointed to an inch gap that currently exists.  He was correct, the damaged frame I have on now doesn't sit flush.  However, using my handy dandy pointer finger, I pressed on my damaged and frayed frame, and it sat beautfully against the body of my Jeep.  It needs a dang screw!  My plate frame is damaged where a screw would go.  I couldn't hold back any longer.  This was ridiculous.  I looked at the service advisor and said, "Sir, I know you are just the messnger, but this is some real bull--it, there is zero structural damage here.  My car needs a new  piece of plastic and a screw!" He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders apologetically and didn't say a word.  ROASTED AGAIN!  I actually felt bad for the man. At this point, I asked to speak with the manager.

I was told that the Service Manager had gone home for the day and that he would be contacting me the next day.  Fine with me; it was a long day and I was done with the whole ordeal.  It sucks when you feel like you're being taken advantage.  There's no need for it.  I was more than happy to pay a few hundred bucks in this situation for their time and effort and just be done with it.

But they tried to hose me thinking I wouldn't notice. Sorry to dissapoint ya'll.




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