Tonight is the big night Locash and Trace Adkins at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. This is going to be a great show for so many reasons not the least of which is a whole lot of money will be going to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Before I even get into how we will all hear one of the greatest songs ever tonight, let me remind you that there are still a few tickets available and you should get yours now!

Those tickets should be available on line until 5 pm and then after that at the door.

Ok, with that said, I love me some Locash and if you don't already you will before tonight's show is over. We had them come in last year for a "Concert in a Cubicle" and they were amazing. These guys are great song writers, musicians and singers and they truly represent a lot of what is right about country music today.

When they were here last year they did a song called "Drunk, Drunk" which immediately became my go to summer song. If I remember the story right a couple of the guys were on the tour bus and one said, "Man am I drunk how 'bout you?" to which the other said, "Drunk? Hell no I'm Drunk Drunk." Perfect.

So if you haven't heard the song yet check it out here and memorize the words for tonight's show and I'll see you there!


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