YouTube is truly one of the most amazing media outlets in the world today, so many people who would normally go unnoticed seem to find fame and followers online through this media outlet.  Many of them make a great deal of money from posting videos on YouTube alone.

Though according to this 28-year-old woman from Maryland in an article in the Washington Post, "Maria" does not make enough to live off with her YouTube channel. I don't know how that could be true though as she has over 350,000 subscribers to her "Gentle Whispering" channel and over 94 million people have watched her...ummm... whisper.

It seems there is some science behind what she does psychologists are now calling ASMR , autonomous sensory meridian response. Many people find the videos very soothing and while this woman may be the most viewed on YouTube there are many others doing the same thing.

Take a look and listen and let me know what you think, does it soothe you? Would you watch these types of videos on a regular basis? Is there anything to the "Science" of it? Or is it just creepy?