Not sure if it was from all my holiday shopping or just holiday travel in general, but after looking at my bank statement, I had four transactions in the span of seven days for gas.  That's a whole lot of gas for a 4-cylinder car to be guzzling.  Though after thinking back, part of the problem was I didn't have the heart to put more than a certain amount of gas in my car because I couldn't bare the thought of spending 40-dollars to fill it up!

Gas prices seem to be getting outrageous again and I'm not sure if you have noticed, but the former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister predicts prices will  only keep jumping as demand increases around the world and could reach five-dollars a gallon!  Something has got to give.  I can't imagine what delivery companies and truck drivers are spending to fill up if I'm spending what I have spent in the last few weeks just driving around the C

apital Region.

A top analyst with Oil Price Information Service agrees that prices will hit the five-dollar mark in the next decade.  However, we won't see that five-dollar mark in 2012 (thank god!).

In case you were wondering, "the price of gas topped three dollars a gallon for the first time last week since October, 2008 (Jana Baybado, Metrosource).