They fight for this country, are on the front lines, and then have to come back to civilian life with sometimes no support whatsoever. I'm happy to see the Capital Region making a step in the right direction.

I've always said this and I will continue to say it, those who fight for this country and who are on the front lines are the bravest human beings on the face of this planet. Mental illness already has a stigma. No one wants to talk about it, no one wants to admit to it, and it leaves people silently suffering. That's not right!

West Point cadet Joe Quinn's lost his brother during the attacks on the World Trade Center and after a tour in Afghanistan and two in Iraq himself, he knew he needed to do something else. Quinn is now the executive director of Headstrong, a nonprofit group that the Times Union is reporting will be expanding to the Capital Region. It will offer free counseling aimed at post- 9/11 military veterans and their spouses, "suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, other mental health problems such as anger management and suicidal thoughts, and even grief."

All the veteran has to do is answer questions and within 21 hours, they will be paired with the proper counselor. The counseling is completely free for as long as the veteran needs the services.

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