If you have ever wanted to try out fishing or you just want to grab your pole and go, this weekend it's free across New York state. This Saturday (September 28th) is free fishing day throughout New York state. According to WIVB, Governor Cuomo announced that the free fishing day is in recognition of National Hunting and Fishing Day.

This Saturday, New York residents can fish without a license in any of the seventy-five hundred lakes and ponds and in the seventy thousand miles of rivers and streams across New York state.

Free fishing days began back in 1991 to help give residents a chance to try fishing who might not have the opportunity to purchase a license. The hope is that it introduces people to a new hobby and encourage them to support fishing by eventually purchasing a New York state fishing license.

The weather this weekend looks perfect to try out a new hobby or just get out with your family to do some free fishing across the state.

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