I love ice cream, the only thing better is free ice cream and Ben & Jerry's have announced their annual "Free Cone Day 2018!"

You have the choice of 35 flavors from any Scoop Shop in the United States, according to FoodBeast. If you've never taken part in "Free Cone Day" before, it's just a way for Ben & Jerry's to thank everyone who's been supporting them all of the years they've been open.

When you go to any Ben & Jerry's on Tuesday, April 10th from 12:00 PM-8:00 PM, you have a choice of one scoop from any flavor. If you think you may forget, you can go to the Ben & Jerry's website and RSVP to their official Facebook event. Chances are there's gonna be a line but isn't it worth it for free Ben & Jerry's?

Locally you can find Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops:

  • TROY - RPI Student Union, Sage Avenue and 15th Street,
  • ALBANY - 467 Madison Avenue
  • SARATOGA - 34 Phila Street
  • LAKE GEORGE - 170 Canada Street
  • BOLTON LANDING - 4950 State Route 9 N
  • PITTSFIELD, MA - 179 South Street

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