The sheer inability to be creative in the entertainment business continues with 2 big 80's remakes debuting at the box office this weekend.

How about some brand new "original" ideas on the big screen. If we want reruns we can watch TBS or TV Land. Ok, I'm done ranting. How do you think these 2 movie remakes will be?

They are both reviewed here from the critics of The Daily Beast from MSN. These guys really do a great job breaking these 2 movies down. Check out these reviews before you make a bad box office decision. With the price of movies these days, you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

Here's my two cents on these movies. "The Thing" sucked on the 20 second TV commercial I saw last night. If they can't find 20 lousy seconds that make a movie look good then if I were you I would buy a case of beer and spend the money on something fun. Heck with movie prices these days spurge and buy 2 cases.

On "Footloose", I will wait for the premeire at Redbox. It's worth at least a buck! Haha!