The effects of  Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene have left alot of people without power and alot of places flooded. The Fairgrounds and surrounding areas  in Fonda are one of areas that is currently dealing with a ton of flooding. The Fonda Fair was scheduled to kick off this Thursday, which left many to wonder if the "show will go on".

According to a press release, the fair will go on as planned:

For Immediate Release: Monday August 29, 2011 ~ Montgomery County Agriculteral Society President Richard Kennedy has stated, "The fair will go on!" After surveying the fairgrounds this morning after last night's flooding, the 170th Fonda Fair will kick off on Thursday evening September 1st 2011.

In wake of the disaster that has struck our area, we our asking any individuals who are willing to lend a hand volunteering to stop by the fairgrounds when its safe to get there.

This also means that the concert starring Kellie Pickler on September 3rd will go on as scheduled as well. Be sure to check the Fonda Fair's website as more information becomes available.

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