Remember that movie from 1982?   E.T. was fantastic.  There's one to rent again.  It makes you wonder how people are chosen for these iconic roles.  I stumbled upon little Henry Thomas' audition tape.  You have to check this out! 

The Internet Movie Database website will give you all the information you need if you'd like to reminisce.  Spielberg directed it, Drew Barrymore was in it.  Phenomenal !

But this is even MORE fascinating.  Here is Henry Thomas' audition tape.  It will blow you away.  It blew Spielberg away. I read somewhere that it made HIM whimper to watch Henry whimper!

Here's a more recent shot of him with Drew Barrymore at a recent E.T. re-release premier.

Getty Images

Now I want to find more of these.  This could be a new running series.  If you find any, send me the link.  Fascinating, isn't it?  ( I wonder if I can find Sean's somewhere?)