Hey-ay-ay-ay! There is another call-out for Bills Mafia to be part of a national commercial. This time it is for true die-hard Buffalo Bills fans. As you may or may not know, I applied for a similar casting call only to be cast as a Buccaneers fan rooting on the arch-enemy Tom Brady. This casting call is for those who are true Bills Mafia.

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Do It! Send in an Audition Video

Don't just dismiss this casting call if you are a Buffalo Bills fan. Take the chance. Take it from me, if I wasn't nudged by my future brother-in-law, I would have never had the experience of a lifetime. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there even if you have never done something like this before.

What The Casting Director is Looking For

This casting call is pretty specific but if you are a Buffalo Bills fan to the core, you should apply. They are looking for a Bills fan who has a Josh Allen tattoo, a parent/child fan duo, families that are all Bills fans, and what they call "ultimate fans". When I did my zoom call, I went all out. I put Bills stickers all over my face, had a bright blue wig on, and was as loud and energetic as I could be. You should go into it with an "I have nothing to lose" attitude and just have fun.

Chrissy Townsquare Media

The Time is NOW!

Don't think too much about it, the deadline to send your stuff is Thursday, October 28th at 9 pm. You also have to be available to shoot on Tuesday, November 2nd in Buffalo. Hey, my boss gave me the days off, maybe yours will too.

Here's What You Need to Do Now!

If you do want to apply you need to put which role you are looking to be cast for. Submit that to submissions@castingbuffalo.com. Then in the subject line put "Bills Mafia/the role you are submitting for". You must submit a video of yourself and your family if you are auditioning for those roles, a photo of your tattoo if you are applying for the Josh Allen tattoo role, and show why you are the ultimate Bills Mafia fan. Also if you have any videos or photos of your Buffalo Bills-themed home, tailgate, or rituals you do for the games they want to see those too.

Here is all the info you need to apply. Click HERE.

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