You never expect to get a random Instagram message from one of your favorite country singers so imagine my surprise when I first saw a message from FGL's Brian Kelley.

Now, if you follow Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley, you'd know that on Instagram, he goes by @BrianKelley. I don't get Instagram messages on my personal account very often so I was surprised when I saw that I had a new message. Working for WGNA, I follow a lot of country artists and we have the amazing opportunity of meeting a bunch of them. I even interviewed FGL last year at Taste of Country. I never expected them to remember me but, hey, a 5'10" redhead who just wanted to talk about food, maybe it stuck with them.

I saw in my direct messages (DMs) that I had a message from @BrianKelley so, of course, I was curious. I opened up the message and saw that it was actually from @briankelley_chat01 and the rest of the name was cut off. As you can see below, the message wasn't the best use of the english language and it in no way was actually Brian Kelley.

Apparently, this is a problem that happens pretty frequently. There are people out there who pretend to be your favorite country artist, or celebrity in general, and then, they somehow get people to give them money. Has this ever happened you? Has a "celebrity" reached out to you on social media? I should've accepted the message and kept talking to that fake account to see how far he'd go, huh?

Credit: Jessica Sims/ Townsquare Media
Credit: Jessica Sims/ Townsquare Media

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