I am not one that likes surprises but I would love to be surprised with a vintage sports car, even if it's been sitting in a New York garage for twenty years.

Imagine heading to a property expecting to see 1986 Ferrari that has was parked in this garage 6 years ago. The anticipation to see the condition of the car and examine what is essentially a time capsule is exciting. Then you arrive and they tell you there is another, more rare, sports car in a different garage on the property. What?

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There is a detailing company out of Connecticut called AMMO NYC and, among other things, these guys explore barn finds and then attempt to get the vehicles looking good and possibly back on the road. Even these veterans of the barn find could not have expected to find a Ferrari and a Lamborghini in one location!

Scroll through the pictures and video below to see the before and after of the 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS but prepare yourself for the Lamborghini. This particular model is so rare, less than 1500 were made. 1227 to be exact and one of them has been parked in the garage for 2 decades.

YouTube.com- AMMO NYC
YouTube.com- AMMO NYC

e Lamborghini Espada! Espada is Spanish for 'sword' as you might have figured out from the emblem on the rear quarter panel. What will become of these 2 vehicles? Time will tell. For now enjoy the barn finds and watch the transformation courtesy of the AMMO NYC crew.

2 NY Barn Finds, 1 Location

1 Ferrari and 1 very rare Lamborghini!

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