As much as I find it exciting to get new friend requests on Facebook, I sometimes wonder what prompts a person to find me, or anyone for that matter, on Facebook.  Most times one can assume, and I'm sure you've done the same, as to the reason behind certain friend requests. Maybe you bumped into the person over the weekend; maybe you just met them through a mutual friend; or maybe one of your Facebook friends just became friends with that person and so you send over a request to become friends as well.


There could be a zillion explanations I suppose, but sometimes I just wonder about the intial thought behind some else taking the time to click "add as friend."  One could assume it's because the person friending you was bored one day or night, and was just perusing away on Facebook.  It's possible they saw a comment left by you on a mutual friend's wall and said, "heck, I kind of know him/her -- why not see what they're up to."  Harmless.

There's also the instance here at the radio station that many of the on-air employees go through time and time again.  We do an event or maybe have a new listener tune in and decide they like one or all of us and to show their support of our station, they friend request one, if not all of us.  This past weekend we had the Winter Concert at Proctor's Theater so of course Monday morning, many of us had new friend requests.  Very supportive and flattering.

There are also the days and nights when I've received a friend request from someone that I don't really know that well; didn't bump into recently; and have never really spoken to.  Slightly random, but no biggie.  But it still makes me wonder for a split second as to the reason behind this initiation.  That's a big step to click "add as friend" so out of the blue, but there still must have been a reason?  You almost wonder if Facebook is in fact becoming like the relationship game called "six degrees of Kevin Bacon."  Remember that game?  You're suppose to figure out how many people (degrees) it takes to know Kevin Bacon through someone you know, who knows someone else, etc.  Some people were able to get there in less than six degrees.

Back to my point.  I know I've friended people before and have had the thought process of "geez, I hope this person doesn't think I'm a stalker for being so random."  Don't you think the other person might have that same thought?  So why in this particular instance would the person sending the friend request, not send an accompanying message -- just to help it seem less random?  With that said, I'd like to know if you've ever felt like you were randomly sending a friend request?  And on the latter, have you ever felt randomly friend requested by someone else --where you've stopped and thought to yourself before clicking accept, what the circumstance was that brought this person to find you?

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