‘Extreme Phone Pinching’ is possibly the most nerve-racking Internet craze I've ever seen. I mean, what's more stressful than gripping an expensive object over a cliff?

I just don't get this. Maybe I'm old. Or maybe it's because I'm a financially responsible adult who doesn't think potentially breaking something worth hundreds of dollars is super awesome.

The 'Extreme Phone Pinching' trend involves holding your smartphone with your thumb and forefinger, and dangling it over somewhere you wouldn’t want it to fall. Like a cliff, a high rise, the toilet and even...sewer grates. I know, right?!?

Leave it up to the internet to take this 'sport' to the next level. People all over the world are dangerously dangling their cell phones in all kinds of perilous places including over bonfires and out of moving vehicles (I get nervous when I simply roll down my window and hold my phone with TWO hands to take a photo.

Seriously, if you value your 500-dollar investment, you might want to skip out on this trend. I know I will be!

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