Clinton Correctional Facility prison escapee David Sweat is being transferred to Albany Medical Center for treatment after a gunshot wound that helped state troopers capture the convict on Sunday, according to CBS6 News.

Sweat was caught Sunday afternoon after being on the loose for three weeks. Sweat and another escapee, Richard Matt, made national news after they used power tools to carve square-shaped holes out of their adjacent prison cell walls and crawled through pipes that led them outside of the prison on June 6.

Matt was shot dead on Friday, while troopers continued to look for Sweat in the area near the Dannemora prison throughout the weekend. Reports have claimed that Sweat was found only a few miles away from the Canadian border.

According to CBS, Sweat was spotted by a trooper when he was walking along a road. The trooper allegedly told Sweat to stop, but when he began to flee, the trooper shot him twice. A trauma unit was on standby Sunday night for Sweat to arrive.

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