Richard Matt, one of the two notorious prison escapees from the Clinton Correctional Facility has been shot dead, according to the Press Republican. David Sweat, the other convicted killer who escaped with Matt, remains on the loose.

Credit: NYS Police
Credit: NYS Police

State and federal law enforcement agencies have scoured the area near the Dannemora prison after Matt and Sweat escaped more than 20 days ago, allegedly with help from guards.

Using power tools, Matt and Sweat cut square-shaped holes in their adjacent cells behind their beds, which they crawled out of and into pipes that led them to escape from a manhole outside of the prison on June 6. Two prison guards are currently under investigation for possibly assisting the escapees, including Joyce Mitchell, a supervisor who is said to have had a romantic affair with one or both of the escapees, and Gene Palmer, an officer who was charged with three felonies and one misdemeanor in connection with the escape. He, himself, could face up to seven years in prison on the charges if convicted, according to CNN. Mitchell is also charged with a felony and misdemeanor.

Earlier today, the Press Republican reported that more DNA evidence was confirmed in two sites in Franklin County after evidence was found last weekend in a cabin proving they were recently within less than 100 miles of the prison.

The paper reported Matt was shot dead on Route 30 on Friday. Several outlets are reporting that he was killed in a gunfire exchange with police.

Police believe Sweat is headed north on foot now, and are continuing to pursue him. However, if he is headed toward the Canadian border, he may run into some trouble, as police have said a line of officers have been guarding the border against the escapees.

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