First of all I want to thank a couple of listeners for first bringing this story to my attention. Ben Ventura messaged me on Facebook Friday morning with it, and then later Jason Scultz posted it on our WGNA Facebook page.

The story, by ESPN writer Marty Smith, is about how Eric Church wrote his iconic song "Talladega The song is included on, and a highlight of Church's latest Album "The Outsiders" It captures youth and growing up in America the way only Eric can do and it was written right here in Albany N.Y. at Countryfest.

In the article Marty writes, "It was July Fourth weekend in 2012, and Church sat in the front lounge of his tour bus, parked just outside Times-Union Center in Albany, N.Y."

He talked about how in an hour or so Eric would go out and do his "meet and greet" before the show but at that moment he was on the bus, with NASCAR from Daytona in the background on TV with a long time friend and song writing partner, Luke Laird.

Marty writes that is was right then and there, sitting across from each other on the bus, talking about memories of races growing up and iconic racetracks that Laird recalled Eric saying" Talladega. I want to write that,'...then Eric said that first line: 'It was the summer before the real world started ...'"

According to the article the song was almost finished by the time that Eric took the stage that night at the "Times Union Center" and they finished it right after the show.

How cool is that?!  Now for me when I hear that song I will always remember that it was not only written right here in Albany but at our very own Countryfest.

How is the song you ask? Well, if you have not heard it yet, as I said it is classic Eric Church, bringing memories to life in song. I found a version on "YouTube" for you complete with lyrics. So as long as no one takes it down for publishing rights violations you can check it out right here.