Represent your hometown in a battle of brainpower and own bragging rights for an entire year, and meet Kenny Chesney in person with Brian and Chrissy's Capital Region Madness!

Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on 107.7 GNA are going to let listeners from 16 different cities and town in the Capital Region battle it out in a test of pop culture, general, and local knowledge.  It's the ultimate 'mind madness' for hometown bragging rights and great prizes!


Beginning on March 19th, each weekday morning at 7:00 am, Brian and Chrissy will pit two (2) people against one another asking a total of three (3) questions (tiebreakers will settle games if necessary). Get the more answers correct than your opponent, and you'll advance to the next round.  Once you lose, you're eliminated.

The competition will take place over the course of approximately 3 weeks and will continue until there is one person remaining!

The final four listeners remaining in the contest will get Kenny Chesney tickets, and the eventual champion will get PIT tickets for the Chesney show AND meet and greets!  The contest starts on Tuesday, March 19th and will end on Monday, April 8th, so submit your entry today for Brian and Chrissy's Capital Region Madness!

For a complete list of contest rules, click here. 


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