So I saw that Chrissy posted about there being only one way to eat mac & cheese and how it bothers her when people eat it with a fork. Chrissy, love ya, but that's not the worst food pairing on that list.

I have no idea where it started that we need to put ketchup with everything. Ketchup on hot dogs, ketchup on mashed potatoes, what's next? Ketchup on fish?! Luckily, according to Buzzfeed, people agree with me (73%) and eggs should be eaten without ketchup.

Ketchup is one of those condiments that is way too overused, hasn't anyone heard of the deliciousness of BBQ sauce? Eggs are one of those things that if done properly, shouldn't need a condiment. You know most of that bite of scrambled eggs you're eating is ketchup, just dip some bread in ketchup and save yourself the time cooking eggs!

I'm starting to think that people who put ketchup on eggs is a myth. Are any of you out there? Isn't cheese enough of a condiment-type food product for the eggs, why do you need more?

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