The challenge in any family is having time to prepare meals and actually eat together. That's what happens in our house too. We all have had good intentions, then it gets late, we are going by a fast food restaurant and bam!, we land in the drive thru to make it easy. We are trying a different approach. Planning out our dinners. Don't get me wrong, there are occasions when we go the fast food route, but we have been making a conscious effort to, in the beginning of the week, plan what we will have for dinner each night. It's also about teaching our six year old, at a young age, that certain foods are important to make him strong and healthy.

Ryan is a pretty picky eater. He always wants cheeseburgers and tacos. We have trained him to understand that it is important to have certain foods represented in every meal. We emphasize the importance of veggies and protein.

Chrissy. Townsquare Media
Chrissy. Townsquare Media

We also have him involved in cooking dinner with us. Having him involved helps him understand that making a good meal takes time and preparation. These little tweaks have helped him eat better and also helped us make better choices.

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